Mediation Attorney

About Monica Haft Law, P.C.

Monica Haft, P.C.


Monica was drawn to the legal profession while she was serving as Junior Class President at Irving High School. She studied politics and law at Mount Holyoke College but it was not until she was a mother staying at home with her young children that the opportunity to go to law school presented itself. The family picked up and moved to Virginia so Monica could accept the offer of an academic merit scholarship to attend Regent University School of Law. She focused on international human rights and comparative law, studied in Strasbourg, France and worked as a legal intern in the UK. S​ince graduating law school in 2013, Monica has​ worked on both sides of cases, doing Plaintiff’s work and more recently, insurance defense work. After several years of litigation practice, Monica realized she was most drawn to helping parties in conflict come together to resolve their issues in mediation or settlement discussions. 

The name “Monica” means counselor and advisor. Monica understands that the path to resolution requires candor, a balance of view points, and above all, trust. It is her hope that you will find her to be fair, honest and a consummate professional as she navigates the mediation process with you.

Monica lives in Flower Mound with her husband Kevin. The couple share seven beautiful children together, two sweet grandkids, and a very silly German Shepherd named Scout.